Brand Awning Covers & Canopies with Eye-catching Printed Logo's

Awnings & Canopies

Branded Awnings & Canopies

Supplying printed valances, awning and building canopy covers has been at the heart of our printing business for over a decade.

We have invested years refining the process to suit long lasting; high quality outdoor, colour fast printing. That holds up well to air pollution and UV rays from the sun.

There are a few different printing processes we can offer for awnings and canopies.

Print Method Turnaround Best Suits
Heat Transfer 2-3 days* Short Runs
Pantone Matching 3-5 days* Short to Medium Runs
Full Colour Direct to Fabric 7-10 days* Short to Medium Runs
Screen Printing 3-4 weeks* Large Runs Runs

*working days, excluding national holidays


Awning & Canopy

Printing outdoor-friendly awning valances is crucial, given their exposure to diverse weather conditions while hanging decoratively from the front edge of awnings. Customers often prioritise showcasing logos, telephone numbers, or website addresses.

  • Brand Consistency Across Locations
  • Enhanced Aesthetics and Professionalism
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Increased Brand Visibility

Branding awning valances transcends mere decoration, serving as a strategic marketing tool with tangible benefits, including increased visibility, enhanced aesthetics, ongoing advertising, and consistent brand representation across diverse business locations.


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Awning & Canopy Covers

Striped & Solid Fabrics

High-impact printing solutions for awnings and canopies on durable materials like acrylic canvas and PVC. Our outdoor-friendly printing methods ensure vivid and long-lasting graphics, perfect for showcasing logos, branding elements, and promotional messages.

Choose from a range of options, including spot color, full color, and Pantone printing, to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Whether you prefer the natural texture of acrylic canvas or the versatility of PVC, our printing services deliver exceptional quality.

Elevate your outdoor spaces with visually striking awnings and canopies that stand up to the elements while making a lasting impression. 

  • Enhanced Brand Visibility
  • Effective Outdoor Advertising
  • Professional Aesthetics and Brand Image

Branding awnings and canopies goes beyond mere decoration; it serves as a strategic marketing tool with tangible benefits, including enhanced brand visibility, effective outdoor advertising, and the creation of a professional and cohesive brand image.


Commercial Awnings

Printing & Branding

Awning & Canopy

This is our speciality here at Parker Masters Ltd. Our first awning cover was printed back 2009, and has become the core of our business over the years. No job too big or too small.

  • Printed Spot Colours
  • Full Colour & Full Colour Direct to Fabric Printing
  • 100% Coverage Branding
  • Metalic Gold & Silver
  • Logo's
  • B1 Fire Rated
Awning Branding

Replacement Awning & Canopy Covers

When the wear and tear of time take their toll on awning and canopy covers, replacement becomes a practical and aesthetic necessity. Replacing these covers offers various advantages, contributing to both the functionality and visual appeal of outdoor spaces. Here are key aspects to consider.

  • Renewed Protection and Weather Resistance
  • Aesthetic Upgrade in Design and Style
  • Customisation and Branding
  • Cost-Effective Solution, Compared to Full Replacement
  • Easy Installation which minimises downtime
  • Choosing the Right Material

Investing in replacement awning and canopy covers is a practical and versatile solution. It not only restores functionality and protection but also allows for a refreshing change in aesthetics. Whether for residential comfort or commercial branding, replacement covers provide a cost-effective means to revive and elevate outdoor spaces.


Awning Fabric Swatch

It's very affordable to advertise on your own awnings and canopies

Awnings and canopies branded with printed logos and text

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