Urinal Covers for Social Distancing. Full colour printed vinyl, for low energy surfaces.
Urinal Covers for Social Distancing
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Unit & Wipe Clean Posters
Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser Unit & Wipe Clean Posters

Floor Stickers for Social Distancing

Floor Stickers for Social Distancing. You may have seen in the supermarkets, the floor are covered with social distancing floor stickers, guiding their customers around the store keeping 2 metres (6 feet) distance from each other.

Have you considered your business yet? When we are back to work, your business will need to obey social distancing best practices for some time. If you inform your customers how you expect them to behave while on your premises, you stand a better chance of protection yourself, your staff and your customers.

Find out more about how Parker Masters Ltd., can help you with your social distancing requirements. Please get in touch.

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