Customised and personalised banners are cost effective re-usable, mobile, re-attachable advertising tools.  Banners are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, double sided, hemmed and eyeleted if required.

Banners can be displayed in a number of different ways.  Eyeleted for hanging from rope or bungles, in a banner frame or display, even in a portable pop-up roller system or cafe barrier systems.


We guarantee our outdoor banners for up to 12 months.  We would expect a lifespan of around 3-4 years depending on direct exposure to UV lights and air pollution levels.

Our banners are generally made from 3 materials;

  • PVC
  • Mesh
  • Canvas


Each PVC banner is manufactured individually for each project.  Banners can be made to almost any size.

Produced as one piece or multiple  panels can be stitched together to create larger banners.  PVC banners can be printed on both sides.


Mesh is used for banners being displayed in highly exposed areas where wind gusts may rip standard banner material.

The mesh is woven tightly to allow good ink coverage for your imagery but also enough air flow to stop tearing.

Acrylic Canvas 

Canvas banners come in a wide range of colours. The marine canvas is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and is treated with many protection agents for long life in UV light.

Canvas banners are normally used for cafe barriers and used in conjunction with planter systems.


Banners are traditionally finished with hems and eyelets.  However modern materials also allow clean cut edge finishes, due to an internal flexible core.

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