Digitalisation for Embroidery

Digitalising artwork is converting an image or logo into a stitch file which can be interpenetrated by an embroidery machine, as a stitch path.

Photographic imagery can also be converted to be embroidered.  Photo digitalisation is a manual process using specialist embroidery software, which allows us to remove tacks and manipulate rider position.

 The file can be exported in a number of different format to suit different machines.

Artwork Preparation

Not all logos and artwork, work well for embroidery.  Some designs need to be modifying to look their best.  Design adjustments will be proofed via email before production of any orders

Setup Prices

 Simple logo digitalisation starts from £15 + vat and this can increase depending on complexity of design.

Not all embroidery has a setup fee.  For example, embroidery with text only in a standard font is FREE OF CHARGE!