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May Giant Commercial Parasols

May Commercial Parasols

Our specialty lies in serving the hospitality sector and corporate clientele with innovative solutions. We also offer stylish parasols ideal for private patios or garden settings. Whether it's for a balcony, large-scale events, promotions, markets, or personal gardens, we have the perfect parasol to match your needs.

Proudly crafted top-notch parasols with a made in Germany, and branded in the UK.


May Parasol

The Albatros centre pole parasol shines where other large parasols reach their limits, defining new standards in shading and canopy provision for outdoor spaces. With just one Albatros large parasol, you can effortlessly cover an expansive area of up to 78 m², all while exuding an unparalleled sense of style. Its XXL dimensions, coupled with a sleek design, make a striking impression that seamlessly integrates with any architectural setting.

This premier model in our parasol line-up, tailored for the hospitality, hotel, event, and retail sectors, exceeds the most stringent criteria for stability, usability, printing convenience, and wind safety.

With its superior branding potential, printing capabilities, and expert signwriting options, the ALBATROS is not just a shade solution but a powerful tool for enhancing your outdoor space's aesthetic and promotional appeal.

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May Parasol

Filius, our compact center pole parasol, may be the smallest in size, but it packs a punch in terms of quality, usability, design, and stability.

Designed specifically for the hospitality industry and retail environments, Filius excels where it matters most. Its diminutive dimensions belie its branding potential, printing capabilities, and signwriting options, making it a standout performer in our parasol lineup.

Optimize your outdoor area or patio with our versatile parasol models, available in 10 different sizes including round, square, and rectangular shapes. Choose from a round parasol offering up to 118 ft² of coverage or a square parasol providing up to 129 m² of shade. Featuring convenient cable pull and crank lift mechanisms, these parasols are easy to operate.

Designed for mobility, our centre pole parasols are equipped with all-weather protection functions and can be effortlessly moved and transported with the appropriate parasol bases. With a lightweight construction, they are suitable for daily setup and takedown, while wheeled pedestals facilitate easy relocation.

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May Parasol

The captivating cantilever parasol stands out for its sturdy construction and enduring quality. A notable feature is its ability to seamlessly connect individual parasols to create groups or large parasols with a single pole, offering endless branding and printing possibilities.

This makes it perfect for outdoor dining establishments like restaurants or hotels, pavement cafes, bistros, as well as trade fairs, events, swimming pools, expansive foyers, and beyond.

Whether for promotional signage, vibrant branding, or custom signwriting, this versatile parasol is a standout choice for enhancing outdoor spaces with both style and functionality.

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May Parasol

Schattello stands as the ultimate large parasol solution tailored for the catering trade and various commercial endeavors.

From providing expansive sun protection in bustling street cafes to adding stylish shading to outdoor dining spaces, or even elegantly roofing public areas at trade fairs or events, Schattello excels in versatility.

Available in round, rectangular, square, or triangular configurations, it offers ample opportunities for branding, printing, and signwriting to meet high professional demands with flair and functionality.

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Printing & Signwritting

May Parasols

When it comes to branding and promotions, our parasols offer unparalleled opportunities to make a lasting impression. Whether you're a restaurant looking to elevate your outdoor dining experience or a business aiming to stand out at events, our parasols provide the perfect canvas to showcase your brand.

With options for printing, signwriting, and customization, you can transform your parasols into powerful marketing tools. Imagine vibrant logos, eye-catching graphics, or stylish designs adorning your parasols, effortlessly drawing attention and reinforcing brand recognition.

By strategically placing branded parasols in outdoor spaces, you not only provide shade and comfort but also create a memorable visual identity for your business. From street cafes to trade show booths, our parasols help you command attention and leave a lasting impression on customers and passersby alike.

Whether you opt for round, rectangular, square, or triangular parasols, each one becomes a unique representation of your brand, reinforcing your message and enhancing your visibility in any setting. With our parasols, branding and promotions become an integral part of your outdoor experience, helping you stand out from the crowd and drive business success.

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