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Printing Acrylic Canvas

What do we Know?

Acrylic canvas has been a preferred choice for shading since the 18th century. Creative traders quickly adopted the practice of hand-painting text and logos on the fabric for advertising purposes.

Today, advancements in graphic design and multiple technologies have expanded our options for branding and signwriting logos and slogans onto awnings, commercial canopies, and various applications such as café barrier banners, gazebos, giant deckchairs, commercial parasols and shade sails.


Ideal for Printing Short Runs

Heat press, also referred to as heat transfer, stands as a highly effective method for imprinting graphics, designs, or logos onto a variety of surfaces, including resilient acrylic canvas. The selection of a canvas capable of withstanding elevated temperatures is paramount for the success of this process.

The initial step involves printing the design onto specialised transfer film, meticulously positioning it on the designated area of the canvas. Through the application of both heat and pressure, the design seamlessly transfers from the film to the fabric. This process activates the ink, ensuring its secure adhesion to the fabric.

Subsequently, the canvas undergoes a cooling process before delicately peeling away the transfer film. The outcome is a design that becomes permanently fused onto the awning cover, resulting in a resilient and visually captivating imprint. This technique offers durability and aesthetic appeal to the final product.

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Heat Transfer for Acrylic Canvas is Ideal for Short Runs


Ideal for Printing Long Runs

Screen printing pioneered the production of sign-written awning fabrics by forcing coloured ink through a fine mesh screen to impart a design onto the fabric's surface. This method continues to be a popular choice for fabric printing today, especially for larger print runs due to its cost-effectiveness. It is a reliable technique for branding acrylic canvas and other fabrics.

However, screen printing does come with its set of strengths and limitations. When dealing with multi-coloured designs, the process requires a staged approach. Each colour must be applied and dried separately before moving on to the next one. This sequential, wet process slows down the branding delivery speed, potentially increasing costs when multiple colours are applied to a single piece of fabric. Despite these challenges, achieving quality results with screen printing is very feasible, making it a viable option for branding endeavours.

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Screen Printing for Acrylic Canvas is Ideal for Large Runs

Pantone Colours

Pantone Matching with CMYK Process

Pantone colour matching is an extensively adopted standardised colour system across diverse industries, encompassing graphic design, printing, fashion, and manufacturing.


Employing heat transfer technology, it is now possible to imprint logos and slogans onto acrylic canvas with precision, ensuring an exact match to your unique corporate brand.

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Pantone Colour Matching Service

Full Colour

Digitally Printed

Full colour printing, also known as four-color or process colour printing, employs the four primary ink colours (CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to achieve a diverse spectrum of colours.

If your business features a multi-coloured logo or includes images like photographs, opting for full colour printing is the optimal method to vividly brand acrylic canvas.

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